Photography Classes
Call Range Gallery to register for a class, 719-685-1201

Three Camera Classes:

101 DSLR - Get comfortable with your camera, we'll navigate the menu, highlighting the important functions. You'll learn the basic differences between Program and Auto, learn to set up the camera so it's customized for you and performs predictably the way you want. You will learn, understand and practice essential functions that are a must for making great photographs: ISO, Focus, Motor Drive, Resolution, Diopter, Focal Lengths, Light Meter, Exposure Compensation, and more.   

201 Shutter Priority - Learn how to stop action, blur motion, pan with the subject for speed effects, and how to capture beautiful night shots. This class defines and explores shutter speeds as well as ISO, exposure compensation and all the other vocabulary that's necessary to understand the science behind creative use of shutter speeds in photography. We'll practice new techniques that will spark your creativity.

301 Aperture Priority - Define the subject by softening the background, draw a viewer into the scene by controlling depth of field, and learn how to control shutter speed accurately and quickly with aperture priority. You will be able to take full creative control to create your vision after this class. We will explore the effects of focal length on depth of field, advanced metering techniques and exposure compensation to gain a full understanding of exposure control.

All classes feature guided practice of techniques we discuss. You'll experiment with your own camera to understand fully the lessons, and you'll have some take home exercises to do on your own. Classes are designed to build on one another, starting with 101, but each class can stand alone for specific information. If you need a refresher course on shutter speed (201), f/stops (301) or just an overview (101.)

Art Classes:

Developing Your Photographer's Eye: This class is a must for anyone interested in making great photographs, not snapshots. Bring 10 favorite photographs to class. Learn to move people emotionally with photography. Photographers of all levels can benefit. You'll learn techniques and ideas that will help you define and refine your style and vision. This class is to help photographers consistently create great photographs. You'll leave inspired.


Portfolio Review: Bring your best 25 photographs to me, the ones that make your heart sing, the ones that really move you. You and I will spend an hour together looking at the images individually, and as a body of work. I will impartially, critically separate the winners from the losers and help you see the differences between the two in your own work. Sometimes it's a matter of composition, lack of a strong subject, technical error in shooting or printing that can hold back an image from greatness. There are many tools to utilize besides the camera to make great photographs.

Each Class is 3 Hours, $95/person and are limited to 6 people.