Three Photography Classes

Point and Shoot: Explore the creative options of your pocket camera

Learn the language of digital.
Use your camera with confidence.
Understand how cameras work.
Use your camera to its fullest creative potential.
Take gallery quality images with your point and shoot, really!
Take this class before vacation/wedding/important stuff season.

Intermediate Photography: f/what? & shutter who?

Take complete creative control.
Go full manual without fear.
Learn what it is to use the science of photography to create your artistic vision.
Explore f/stops, shutter speeds, focal lengths and all-important 18% grey.
Decide which accessories are necessities and which are salesperson hype.

Photography as Art: Why other people's vacation photos are boring.

Move people emotionally with your images.
Learn to make fine art photographs instead of snapshots.
Master techniques to direct a viewer's eye.
See the photograph before you take it.
Tell a story from your perspective.
Define your style.
Everyone can benefit from this class.


Classes are taught by Kathleen McFadden at:
Range Gallery
Moving to a fabulous new location!

Call to book a class once the new gallery is open.
Or call to schedule a private photo session with Kathleen,
only available during down time before the new gallery opens.

More classes coming soon: f/stop Workshop and a Portfolio Review and Presentation