Photography Classes
Introductory Camera Class: This is the class for people new to digital photography. A great class for those who have just purchased their first DSLR or for people with pocket cameras wishing to use them to their fullest potential. You can get creative without having to dive too deep into the science of photography. Start with how to hold the camera, personalize the camera's settings for you, understand creative picture modes and the effect of various focal lengths on image making.

Three Intermediate Classes:

101 DSLR - Get comfortable with your camera, understand the important parts of the menu, basic differences between Program and Auto, learn to set up the camera so it's customized for you and performs the way you want. ISO, Focus, Motor Drive, Resolution, Diopter, Focal Lengths, Light Meter, Exposure Compensation and more.  

201 Shutter Priority - This class defines and explores shutter speeds as well as ISO, exposure compensation and all the other vocabulary that's necessary to understand the science behind creative use of shutter speeds in photography.

301 Aperture Priority - Photographers will be able to take full creative control to create their vision after this class. Explore depth of field, shutter speed control using aperture priority, understand ISO, metering options and the effects of focal length on depth of field.

Developing Your Photographer's Eye: This class is a must for anyone interested in making great photographs, not snapshots. Learn to move people emotionally with photography. Photographers of all levels can benefit from learning techniques and ideas that will help define and refine their style and vision. This class is to help photographers consistently create great photographs instead of snapshots.
Each Class is 3 Hours, $95/person and are limited to 6 people.