And the hostess says....

June 18, 2015  •  5 Comments
Room for FourRoom for FourFowler Stockyards
Fowler, Colorado
Have a seat, the auction's not started yet. Catch up on the news with your neighbor. Auction day at the stockyards brings in ranchers from all over to sell and socialize one day a week.

"Take a seat," says the hostess, "I'll let you know when your table is ready."

"How long," you ask.

"Oh, I'd say 20 minutes," she says with a straight face.

When I closed my gallery in Old Colorado City, I thought I'd have another building within, oh, say 20  minutes. My "20 minutes" has turned into 3 months now. I've taken a serious look at 5 different locations, each with their own attributes and downsides. 

I've decided to be Goldilocks about this, I want the location to be Juuuuust Right. So, I have a list of requirements: must be attractive, solid, big, well-built, visible and memorable. Sounds like I'm writing a personals ad for the perfect man, but the perfect building is what I'm in the market for right now.

In the meantime, I'm being creative. I've completely redesigned my website, added new images, retired some. And I'm a lean, mean developing machine, processing dozens of old black and white rolls of film. It's like Christmas.

Which means, when I do find a location for my gallery that's Goldilocks perfect, I will have all kinds of new work to show and new stories to write. Oh boy!

I'll let you know when your table is ready.




Arlene. O'Callaghan
We just miss you on our trips to Arizona in fall and back to Illinois in spring. Your gallery was the first stop on our days in Colorado Springs. Hope you come back soon.
Joann Felice(non-registered)
Hope you find the "perfect" place soon. Old Colorado City isn't the same without you. Your work is always outstanding and our talks always leave me inspired! Miss you.
Rheta Johnson(non-registered)
When I miss the West, your photos are best. So glad we can visit this site!
Idgee Heyboer(non-registered)
Mom and dad would help out, but hey, they're a long way away. Still, they're hungry for whatever you're serving. (hopefully it comes in a paper bag with clear grease stains on it)
Terry Woodford(non-registered)
I hope you don't have to wait much longer. I am ready to volunteer
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Come On OverCome On OverHatch, Utah
This fella was really curious about me and my camera. In fact, he invited me to come on over to his house to visit a while. The barbed wire stood in my way, so we exchanged pleasantries over the fence, like old neighbors.

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